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    Nature: The Living Record of Science (Astronomy)

    • 作   者:

      J. N. Lockyer, R. A. Proctor, R. P. Greg

    • 译   者:


    • 出版社:

      Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

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    洛克耶(Lockyer , Sir Joseph Norman) 英国天文学家。

    普洛克特(Proctor, Richard Anthony) 英国天文学家。

    格雷格·劳克林(Greg Laughlin) 美国天文学家,加利福尼亚大学圣克鲁斯分校的恒?#20999;?#25104;专家。

    Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer, (17 May 1836 – 16 August 1920), known simply as Norman Lockyer, was an English scientist and astronomer. Along with the French scientist Pierre Janssen he is credited with discovering the gas helium. Lockyer also is remembered for being the founder and first editor of the influential journal Nature.

    Richard Anthony Proctor (23 March 1837 – 12 September 1888) was an English astronomer. He is best remembered for having produced one of the earliest maps of Mars in 1867 from 27 drawings by the English observer William Rutter Dawes.

    Gregory P. Laughlin is a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Yale University. He is interested in hydrodynamic simulations, the characterization of extrasolar planets and planet-forming environments as well as the far future of the universe.


    In planning determinations of the solar parallax from the Transits of Venus, it has hitherto been the custom to depend entirely upon the observations of the internal contact of the limbs of the sun and planet proposed by Halley. It is a little remarkable, that while astronomical observations in general have attained a degree of accuracy wholly unthought of in the time of Halley, this particular observation has never been made with a precision at all approaching that which Halley believed that he himself had actually attained. In his paper he states that he was sure of the time of the internal contact of Mercury and the sun within a second. The latest observations of a transit of Mercury, made in November 1868, are, as we shall presently see, uncertain by several seconds. It is also well known that the observations of the last transit of Venus, that of June 1769, failed to fix the solar parallax with the certainty which was looked for, the result of the standard discussion being now known to be erroneous by one-thirtieth of its entire amount. One of the first steps to carry out the object of the present paper will be an inquiry into the causes of this failure, and into the different views which have been held respecting it.

    • 恒星的构造和恒星能量的起源

    • 恒星的构造

    • 恒星的构造

    • 恒星的构造

    • 以数学物理的视角看宇宙的终点

    • 恒星的构造

    • 原子合成与恒星能量

    • ?#35013;?#26143;的内部温度

    • 膨胀的宇宙

    • ?#35013;?#26143;

    • 恒星的内部温度

    • 原子嬗变和恒星温度

    • 原子嬗变和恒星温度

    • Stellar Structure and the Origin of Stellar Energy

    • Stellar Structure

    • Stellar Structure

    • Stellar Structure

    • The End of the World: from the Standpoint of Mathematical Physics

    • Stellar Structure

    • Atomic Synthesis and Stellar Energy

    • The Internal Temperature of White Dwarf Stars

    • The Expanding Universe

    • White Dwarf Stars

    • Internal Temperature of Stars

    • Atomic Transmutation and the Temperatures of Stars

    • Atomic Transmutation and Stellar Temperatures

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