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    The History of English in Ten Minutes

    • 作   者:

      Clive Anderson

    • 出版社:

      Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

    • 语   言:

      中文 / 英文 / 双语

    • 支   持:

    • 电子书:


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    This book uses vivid examples to show the history of English development, so that readers can quickly grasp the language characteristics of each period.


    This book is a textual version of the course "10 Minutes of English History", showing the etymology of English words and phrases from the Shakespeare period, the King James Bible version to the American English and the online language. Based on a variety of fascinating historical facts, this book will bring readers a history of English and the development and future of English in the 21st century.


    Clive Anderson is an English television, radio presenter and comedy writer. Winner of a British Comedy Award in 1991.


    Conversations were getting shorter than the average attention span why bother writing a sentence when an abbreviation would do and leave you more time to 'blog', 'poke' and 'reboot' when your 'hard drive' crashed? 'In my humble opinion' became 'IMHO, 'by the way' became 'BTW and 'if we're honest that life-threatening accident was pretty hilarious!' simply became 'fail'. Some changes even passed into spoken English.

    • 第一章 盎格鲁撒克逊人或发生在朱特人的任何事

    • 第二章 ?#24503;?#20154;入侵或原谅我的英语

    • 第三章 莎士比亚或两个家的纪念匾

    • 第四章 钦定版《圣经》或消遣读物

    • 第五章 科学英语或怎样讲重力

    • 第六章 英语和帝国或英语的太阳永不落

    • 第七章 词典时代,定义无望的任务

    • 第八章 美式英语,不是英语而是用于运动场

    • 第九章 互联网英语或者语言转化成形式

    • 第十章 全球英语或者这是谁的英语

    • chapter 1 Anglo-Saxon or whatever happen to the Jutes

    • Chapter 2 The Norman Conquest or excuse my English

    • Chapter 3 Shakespeare or a plaque on both his houses

    • Chapter 4 The King James Bible or light there be light reading

    • Chapter 5 The English of Science Or how to speak with gravity

    • Chapter 6 English and Empire or The sun never set on the English language

    • Chapter 7 The Age of the Dictionary Or the definition of a hopeless task

    • Chapter 8 American English 0r not English but somewhere in the ballpark

    • Chapter 9 Internet English Or language reverts to type

    • Chapter 10 Global English Or whose language is it anyway

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