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    France Since 1871

    • 作   者:

      John Merriman

    • 出版社:

      Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

    • 语   言:

      中文 / 英文 / 双语

    • 支   持:

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    This book is a textual version of the course "France after 1871". The topics include social, economic and French political changes, the influence of French Revolution, industrialization, and the chaos caused by the two world wars.


    Professor Meriman's novel explanations give you a quick understanding of the history and culture of France.


    John Merriman, who received his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan, teaches French and Modern European history.

    好的,今天我想谈谈巴黎公社。我上节课结束?#26412;?#35762;到这里,这十分适合作为这节课的开头,因为巴黎公社的阴霾笼罩了?#20998;?#25509;下来的二三十年。在我看来,巴黎公社和随后的那场使得成千上万的人死于非命的大屠杀,都预示了二十世纪的血雨腥风,人们仅仅因为?#32422;?#30340;出身而获罪。“a Paris tout le monde etait coupable,--( 巴黎的每个人都有罪) ”一个行刑的刽子手如此喊道。

    Okay, today I want to talk about the Paris Commune. This is how I end the previous course, but it's the most appropriate place to start this one, because the Paris Commune hung over Europe for the next twenty or thirty years. And, in my view, the Paris Commune and the massacre that followed the Paris Commune, the massacre of thousands and thousands of people, anticipated the twentieth century, when you became guilty for just being who you were. "à Paris tout le monde était coupable," — "in Paris everybody was guilty," shouted out one of the prosecutors as they shot men and women down.

    • 第1讲 介绍

    • 第2讲 巴黎公社及其遗产

    • 第3讲 中央集权制国家和共和国

    • 第4讲 一个国家?农民,语言和法国身份

    • 第5讲 宗教权威的衰退

    • 第6讲 ?#23548;?#21644;工厂

    • 第7讲 大众政治和政治方面来自左翼的挑战

    • 第8讲 炸药俱乐部:无政府主义者

    • 第9讲 秘书长布朗热和德雷福斯上尉

    • 第10讲 咖啡馆和饮料文化

    • 第11讲 巴黎和美好时代

    • 第12讲 法国帝国主义(由查尔斯基思客座演讲)

    • 第13讲 第一次世界大战的起源

    • 第14讲 堑壕战

    • 第15讲 民政阵线

    • 第16讲 伟大的战争,悲哀,和内存(客座讲座由布鲁诺卡瓦内斯)

    • 第17讲 人民阵线

    • 第18讲 在黑暗的日子:法国维希

    • 第19讲 抵抗运动

    • 第20讲 美国化之争

    • 第21讲 越南和阿尔及利亚

    • 第22讲 戴高乐

    • 第23讲 1968年5月

    • 第24讲 移民

    • Lecture 1 Introduction

    • Lecture 2 The Paris Commune and Its Legacy

    • Lecture 3 Centralized State and Republic

    • Lecture 4 A Nation? Peasants, Language, and French Identity

    • Lecture 5 The Waning of Religious Authority

    • Lecture 6 Workshop and Factory

    • Lecture 7 Mass Politics and the Political Challenge from the Left

    • Lecture 8 Dynamite Club: The Anarchists

    • Lecture 9 General Boulanger and Captain Dreyfus

    • Lecture 10 Cafés and the Culture of Drink

    • Lecture 11 Paris and the Belle époque

    • Lecture 12 French Imperialism (Guest Lecture by Charles Keith)

    • Lecture 13 The Origins of World War I

    • Lecture 14 Trench Warfare

    • Lecture 15 The Home Front

    • Lecture 16 The Great War, Grief, and Memory(Guest Lecture by Bruno Cabanes)

    • Lecture 17 The Popular Front

    • Lecture 18 The Dark Years: Vichy France

    • Lecture 19 Resistance

    • Lecture 20 Battles For and Against Americanization

    • Lecture 21 Vietnam and Algeria

    • Lecture 22 Charles De Gaulle

    • Lecture 23 May 1968

    • Lecture 24 Immigration

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